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Build robust Vue.js applications that scale

Maintainable and high-quality codebases often come down to the decisions you make early on. Save yourself and your team time and effort by choosing the proper state management patterns and tools up front.

Common Obstacles to Scaling your Vue.js App

  • Code is poorly organised

  • Security issues in Server Side Rendered applications

  • Headaches passing data between components

  • Struggling on how to share global state

  • Wrestling with what is and isn’t the right use case for global state


But I’m already using a state management solution!

Using Pinia or any other state management solution the wrong way will, in most cases, create spaghetti code that is hard to maintain and refactor.

Also, Pinia is the officially recommended solution for state management. So, you should really consider using Pinia properly in your apps.

Thousands of Websites Use Pinia

From small web apps to large enterprises


And more...

The Guide to Scalable Vue Apps and Implementing State Management the Right Way!



A proper state management solution is built to address common pitfalls of building scalable Vue.js applications from the very beginning. It gives you enough freedom to organize your stores, while still enabling good practices, like code splitting, by default.

While there is no such thing as a silver bullet for state management, Pinia makes handling global reactive state easy. How? In many ways! It uses familiar concepts like getters and actions that are easy to reason about. Pinia’s stores also work seamlessly with Vue components written either in the Options API or the Composition API. You can even use Vue composables directly inside your stores for a super-powered global state.

This course also covers the bad and good practices of using Pinia, so you can not only build stores the right way but also improve your existing ones.

Who better to deliver the course than the man who authored Pinia, Eduardo San Martin Morote?

Eduardo San Martin Morote
author of Pinia

Meet your Course Instructor

Creator of Pinia and Vue Router, Eduardo is a Front-End specialist known for innovative solutions and a passion for collaboration. As a Vue.js Core team member, he contributes to the Vue.js ecosystem for in-depth learnings into State Management with Pinia.

"Eduardo has been a Vue core team member for years, and has done a phenomenal job in maintaining some critical parts of the Vue ecosystem, including Vue Router and Pinia. the Vue ecosystem wouldn't be where it is today without his contributions."

Evan You

Creator of Vue.js

Course Introduction by Eduardo


Eduardo San Martin Morote

author of Pinia

The only Pinia course you will ever need

Learn by doing

The course not only features practical video lessons but also combines hands-on coding exercises where you work on your own development environment using your IDE and local setup.


Dive deeper than ever before

The content is more in-depth and explores more topics than even the official documentation touches or mentions, including advanced patterns and best practices.

To Pinia and beyond

Supercharge your Vue apps with the valuable insight of the Pinia Creator and Vue.js Core team member. Get insights not only on how to use Pinia but on how Pinia works under the hood, this way you’re ready for every common use case and edge case alike! Get ready to become a better Vue developer!


Practical outcomes from a practical course

Build a simple state management solution from scratch to better understand Pinia’s inner workings

Understand the underlying Vue concepts that make a state management solution

Learn to use Pinia the right way

Ensure your apps work with Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Discover how to use the Pinia devtools efficiently

Build maintainable stores

Refactor existing stores

Build Pinia plugins

Test stores and components

Learn Pinia best practices and insights

And many more...

Technologies covered in this course
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Who is this course for?

This course is for web developers who are looking to learn how to build robust, quality Vue.js applications that scale, are easy to test, and meet user needs.

You don’t need to have prior experience with Pinia but you should be comfortable with the Vue framework.

The course is particularly helpful for developers who are looking to implement state management the right way, into existing or new applications, as well as experienced Pinia developers who are looking improve the quality of their stores and level up their codebase.

If you are a professional or aspiring Vue developer this course is made for you!

Course Outline

Learn everything you need to use Pinia to the maximum, including best practices, scaleable techniques, and how to avoid common pitfalls!

The What and Why of State Management and Stores
Creating a store from scratch
Collecting effects with `effectScope`
Touring the exercise platform
Creating our own `defineStore()`
Dependency injection with `inject` and `provide`
Using `inject` and `provide` to ensure app-specific stores
Introduction to Creating a Tabs Manager
Creating a Tabs Manager Solution
Why use Pinia
Getting Started with Pinia
Consuming the store
Option Stores vs Setups Stores
Debugging stores with the Devtools
Maintainable stores
Server Side Rendering
How to test stores
Augmenting stores with Pinia plugins

What's included

More than $3000 in value

The equivalent of a full week of workshops with the world’s foremost Pinia expert and Vue.js Core team member.

50+ practical tutorials

Concise, practical video lessons combined with hands-on coding exercises.

100% zero fluff guarantee

Nothing you don’t need.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Learn at your own speed and on your own schedule.

Hands-on is built in

The course uniquely combines videos and hands-on coding exercises to ensure the knowledge is committed to memory.

Real-life learning environment

Interactive guided exercises as close to a real dev environment as it can be! You will be solving real-world challenges in your own local environment using your IDE.

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Access 50 video lessons to help you improve the quality of your stores and your codebase with the Pinia course.

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Meet the Team

Eduardo San Martin Morote

Eduardo San Martin Morote

Creator of Pinia and Vue Router

Alex Kyriakidis

Alex Kyriakidis

Founder and CEO of Vue School

Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly

Vue.js Expert & Lead Instructor

Maria Panagiotidou

Maria Panagiotidou

Director of Operations


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