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Eduardo has developed the only Pinia course you will ever need. This is your guide to building scalable Vue apps and implementing state management the right way!

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What you'll learn in this session

In this live Talk, explore Pinia, Vue.js, and state management and learn from author Eduardo San Martin Morote. Whether you're seasoned or new to Vue.js, this event will enrich your understanding and fuel your enthusiasm.

Exclusive Live Chat

Listen to answers for many Pinia and state management questions and enjoy this exclusive insider look at the upcoming Mastering Pinia course.

Learn from the Creator

Gain firsthand knowledge about Vue.js 3, State Management, Vue Router, and more. Discover insights into future releases for Pinia, Vue Router, Vue Fire, and other libraries Eduardo is actively developing.

Understand the motivation for Pinia

Eduardo created Pinia to address the challenges of using TypeScript with Vue.js. He aimed to simplify Vue.js and improve the TypeScript experience.

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